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fracture (n).


I am like the chipped glass
I keep in my cupboard;
a ragged piece is missing
off my shoulder and
a craggy trench runs
all down my centre. 

Do not bring your lips to me
do not expect me to hold
whatever you offer up. 

But do not, even in my awkward
state, give up on me - 
if we are careful, I could
maybe hold the flowers
we find on our walk home. 

conifer (n).


I now understand the growing of trees, 
their rings showing all of the ways
they have survived their previous selves. 

I now understand what it is like
to watch all of the color fall out and away
and wonder if there will be
another day that the wind will
brush through your hair and write
a song with the sound, and wonder
even what the ground is made of
that you were planted in, surely
this isn't god's green earth. 

I now understand the growing of trees,
their branches spilling out of them like arms
reaching for contact, reaching:
is there a posture more defiant
to any force trying to make them
recoil back into winter's cold breath?

salaam (n).

what can I do with all
of this heaviness and how
do I greet it except to
brush its hair, offer
what food is left, tell
it not to worry, it's not
keeping me up (even though
it is keeping me up), I will
stay awake and listen as long
as it takes to say it. 

I will put on the kettle and
wrap it in the blanket
I wrap around myself on
the days that I am not sure
even of the color of the sky.