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unrepentant (adj).


Who is the woman I am becoming
and when will I become
a woman who does not apologize
(so much), that is,
a woman who does not apologize
(ever) when she is not in the wrong.

I want to be a woman who refuses
to smile and take it
when it is not something
that I care to take. 

I want to be a woman who is not afraid
to take up space and
make room for others at the table –
and stage, and up, up the ladder and
into the open field and wild sea.

channel (n).


I will model my gentleness after the river, who
asserts her own direction, who reshapes
even rock and slate, with a voice
thunderous enough it rattles in your chest. 

See how your spirit settles when standing
at the bank, not because she is
docile, but because she is resolute. 

It is in the rushing river that I
bring myself to stand, see how
she is unwavering in her certainty,
see how she makes a way for herself, see
how the trees with reverence
lean in to gather more, see
as she moves she is humming, 
"even still, I will persist." 

proprietor (n).

it is a serious thing
to carry a body through this world
to keep a heart beating
to shield it from the elements
and the dangers of man
to tend to open wounds and
achy joints and muscles
to keep it strong and nourished.

it is not too much to call it a miracle
that these lungs keep filling up with air
and pushing out what is no longer needed,
a pulse that, if nothing else, is a reminder
that time is passing
and life is still arriving to me.

it is too much a tragedy that
I have spent much of my life at war
with my body’s softness,
I have grimaced at features
masked myself in makeup and clothing
I have worked hard to try and take up
less space.

it is a very radical thing
to be at home in ourselves
and I have spent much of my life
pushing myself away
pressing myself onward, too far out,
plummeting myself into too much striving
preparing myself to be presentable
puncturing myself with words that stain.

it is a serious thing
to carry a body through this world
and there is too much work to be done
there is too much beauty to fight for
to continue this daily renouncing
of the grams that make me up
and carry me through softly surviving.

role (n).

I as a woman am
a life force. 
I as a woman am
capable of
spilling open and
speaking the truth.
As a woman I can
fight wild heart battles and
still find ways in which
the day was good. 
As a woman I know
when it is not
healthy touch or
safe touch and when
a man has taken liberties
as a man.
I as a woman am
an offering of faith
that my voice will
be listened to and

I as a woman I am told
I should hold it all in.