placement (n).


You are here
in this body that carries you,
the one you may battle or the one
you have made peace with,
in whatever folds and creases you curse or bless,
in the structure that holds and lifts you,
in the skin that blushes and shivers,
in the lungs that fill you with breath, you are here.

You are here
in the morning light, however it wakes you
in the day that unfolds at your feet
in all of the things you make happen and all of the things
that happen to you
in all of the places of wandering and intention,
in all of the stickiness and all of the clarity, you are here.  

You are here
in the gratitude that swells and in the waves of longing
in the things that you hope to keep and
in the things you wish to be different,
in the place you feel stuck and the
thoughts you wander to that give you flight, you are here.

gather (v).


Even as I bring nothing with me
even as you have your own fears lingering
even as I don’t know what to do next
even as you wake from dreams that startle you
even as I leave the city I’ve known
even as you concede your whole world to me,
off we go, towards each other.

[Photo by Max Wanger].

slough (v).


I relate to the trees at this time of year,
the way they are spilling and shedding;
what a grand spectacle they make out of
the act of letting go. They do it not
with floods but fire, they do it not
quietly but in a chorus of rustling, they do it not
swiftly, rather one branch at a time,
releasing, setting it down, laying to rest
anything that no longer serves them.

redirect (v).


I’m not sure what I dream about anymore –
there is the song, written and then forgotten,
there is the matter of home, wherever that is,
there is the love that I was banking on, and he
found a life in another land.  

Where does it come from, the new vision,
and how will it arrive?

I have sat at the altar and prayed.
I have dyed my hands in ink and waited
in the meantime for the muse.
I have built a home within myself.
I have, in the meantime, loved others.
I have filled my body with straw and string
ready to turn to fire at any time.

memo (n).


I know that currently it feels like
even the air doesn’t belong
to you but know that
every corner of the world
is yours, every
dream that catches
your eye and lights
your spirit, they belong,
just as your thumb
and its print are yours,
just as
the love you
hope for
has been there waiting since
your very first breath.

fluent (adj).


I try to write and can’t, it’s stuck
below the rock in my stomach and
the pebbles that line my throat and
the sand that fills my head.

I look out to the trees for some kind of truth.
I look out to my neighbours walking and wonder
if they have more answers than I do.
I look down into my coffee cup and appreciate
its loyalty and powers. I look to my mother
and ask if I’m doing the right thing. I look to
my hands and ask them to write anyway.

locked (adj).


I worry I might get stuck in the place
that I go where the impossibilities
build a casing around me and the choir
of my doubt drowns out the sound of reason.

You catch it often, I get there in a flash
with the tilt of my head and the crease
in my brow and you say where did you go and
how can I get you back?

Keep calling, I want to be back
in the land of the living and back
in the golden hour of your love.

westward (adj).


In packing up I am thinking about
the things we take with us and
what we leave behind. What do
I take with me, these belongings
that have paid into my façade of
togetherness, the blankets that
have warmed me, the letters and
books that taught me to feel? 

I don’t recognize the wildness in me,
this woman who is unafraid of
setting it all on fire and skipping
town, I get giddy at times, what fun
to have just a bag and everything
that I carry with me in this itchy heart.    

readily (adv).


Don’t forget about
The Gift, which sits,
ready and waiting,
in the landing of
your being, rooted
to your veins, fueled
by your laughter, ignited
by the fire in your eyes, nourished
simply by the breaths you take.

You do not have to
wait for any particular
call to greatness to
partake in what it
has planned for you.

physiology (n).


I carry it on my body, all
the words you spoke to me:
in my knees’ ligaments are
all the times you asked for patience, 
and above my brow are the
words you said as you stood
by my door, about to leave;
here in the wrinkles of my
fingers are a count of
every word you didn’t say
but I could see them in your eyes,
and my palms hold the
way you first said I love you
(nervous and sad),
and here in the curve of
my ribs are the words
you spoke to tell me
all the ways I let you down.

At night I lower myself into bed and
I feel the creaks in my joints,
achy from your cadence.
In the morning I rise and
feel all the dreams we made
rustling through my hair.

pattern (n).


At first I didn’t recognize our love because
it wasn’t masked by something else, it wasn’t
muddied with requirements, it wasn’t
latched onto past hurts, it wasn’t
compensating for our disappointments, it wasn’t
demanding a particular response, it wasn’t
accompanied by a list of my faults, it wasn’t
heavy from expectation.  

It was just waiting for us like
the morning waits, with delicate curiosity,
patient as I stumble to the kitchen
to put the kettle on.

attempt (v).


What do I have to say for this life?
I have tried to make soft and beautiful things
I have tried to get to work on time
I have tried to be a good daughter
I have tried to get together for dinner
I have tried to understand
I have tried to see some of the world
I have tried to get myself to the ocean
I have tried to worry only about the important things
I have tried to love you
I have tried to not love you.