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a hilarious book for grammar nerds [read: me].

1How hilarious does "The Elements Of F*cking Style" by Chris Baker and Jacob Hansen sound? The description from their Amazon page made me laugh:

"The truth about English is that it can get pretty boring. Dangling modifiers, gerunds, punctuation marks--it’s enough to make you want to drop out of high school. Swearing and sex on the other hand, well, these time-honored pastimes warm the cockles of our hearts. Now, The Elements of F*cking Style drags English grammar out of the ivory tower and into the gutter, injecting a dull subject with a much-needed dose of color.

"This book addresses everything from common questions (“What the hell is a pronoun?”) to philosophical conundrums (“Does not using paragraphs or periods make my thesis read like it was written by a mental patient?”). Other valuable sections include:

•All I’ve got in this world are my sentences and my balls, and I don’t break ’em for nobody

 •A colon is more than an organ that gets cancer

•Words your bound to f*ck up

 "One glance at your friend’s blog should tell you everything you need to know about the sorry state of the English language. This book gives you the tools you need to stop looking like an idiot on message boards and in interoffice memos. Grammar has never before been so much f*cking fun."

I will definitely be picking this up to entertain me on my flight to Vancouver next week!

Happy Friday and I hope you have great (sort of) long weekend (for my Canadian visitors!).


baby leggings.




Kids aren't on the horizon for me for about eight thousand decades, but I can't resist how CUTE these cozy leggings are for little ones. So sweet! Good thing everyone else in my whole life is getting married and making babies, I'll have an outlet for my love of  baby wear. [Lemons by Zara,  Ruffles by Kindred Oak, Knee Patches unknown brand but found on Chantelle Grady's blog].


great gatsby book cover.

07f995b569f4affec28d1cbab0447547I've been in a real classics mood with my book choices this month; I just finished 1984 and picked up The Great Gatsby the other day. Isn't this a great cover of Gatsby? I love me a great book cover. Also around here: Farenheit 451 cover. A few book suggestions you might like. Opening lines of novels. A collection of poor punctuation.


travel set from west elm.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI did a little browsing at the beautiful store West Elm on Sunday, and came across this brilliant little kit - a pocket-sized Travel Set. It has a plushy eye mask, ear plugs, an inflatable neck pillow (such a great idea, I never travel with a neck pillow because they're so clunky to carry and my bag is usually packed to the brim anyway), and a little bag to stow it all in, and it's all made out of really soft jersey fabric. I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling in December, so I picked it up for myself, but it would also make a great gift for the holiday season if you have a loved one who travels often. xo.


lovely jewelry.

il_570xN.487175848_8laoil_570xN.487171884_kgcuil_570xN.487178834_gstmMy dear friends' jewelry line, live beautiful.has launched their Classics collection in their etsy shop this week. All of their jewelry is hand-made from ethical and eco-friendly materials. If you're looking to get a great gift for a leading lady in your life, I would highly suggest stopping by and picking something out. Jewelry by live beautiful.,  Danny Necklace in GoldWilla Stacking Rings, Large Audrey Studs. Photography by Beth And Ty In Love.

PS the Rough and Tumble photo shoot and the Bridal photo shoot.

sunscreen faces.

5172893f7b68b63a3fa41f04f1b9523cApparently Toronto's sort-of neighbor, New York, is getting more sun than us! The New York Times posted a photo album of kids getting suncreen applied, and it made me laugh. What are you doing this weekend? I'm a plus-one to a farm wedding tomorrow, and I'm kind of excited to break out my sun dress from Club Monaco that I wore to one of the eight (!!!) weddings I went to last summer, since it was too expensive to buy but too sweet to leave.


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glow in the dark pajamas.

67c48f5fa347cf38fbc959ca86ed9602Did you have a favourite pair of pajamas when you were little? I had a Beauty And The Beast nightie that I wore from the time it reached my ankles to the time it didn't even cover my bum, and my mom would have to take it off when I was sleeping to wash it! I came across these glow-in-the-dark constellation pajamas from J. Crew, and I think they would be just the kind of PJ's that would be hard to get off a kid. Aren't they sweet?!

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lovely book ends.

a27aee82fa1c0f4001c990a2a9dcaa78 599f342f490b7efd8dada3fc3c49a290What do you have holding up your books? My book shelf is one of my favourite things in my apartment, and, because of its size, is also a cool art feature. My favourite book end is an owl jar from Urban Outfitters, but this driftwood bookend from Nicety looks so great, and these felt animal bookends from Restoration Hardware are so sweet!


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white peach and lavender soda.

d0008146_1394112Happy Friday! It feels like summer (maybe) is here to stay in Toronto, finally having a few days in a row of sun and breeze as opposed to the dreary, rainy weather we've been having since I was home. I came across this great idea for a tasty summer drink on She Who Eats; white peaches soaked in lavender-infused hot water, and then, when cooled, topped up with soda. It would be great for a lazy weekend day.

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach all day and having a barbecue (my first true summer activities of the season!) and on Sunday Fitness Club Fiasco has a show in Guelph. I hope your weekend is filled with yummy food and restful time too.


lovely bridal jewelry from live.beautiful.

photo-51photo-54Last week I got to go along with live.beautiful to their photo shoot of their new bridal line, which is coming out this summer. I shot their last line, Rough and Tumble, and I was so honoured to be asked to join again! We shot in a stunning park just outside of Hamilton, under a huge tree and in a pretty meadow, and it was pretty magical.picstitchphoto-53All of live.beautiful's jewelry is handmade by Ali and Laura, and their pieces boast of ethical, environmentally friendly materials, resulting in a really earthy, whimsical feel. I have a few pieces from them, namely their herkimer diamond Audrey Studs, and I wear them every. single. day. photo-57picstitch-1

live.beautiful has a really great service they're offering to brides (and beyond) for their bridal line, where a bride can bring in an heirloom or antique piece of jewelry, and they will revamp it and make it in to a one-of-a-kind custom piece. I think that's such a cool idea for wedding jewelry as your something old, something new, to revamp a sentimental piece and make it all your own.

Stay tuned for the pictures from the shoot (these are obviously my dinky phone pictures), and for the launch of live.beautiful's lovely bridal line, due in a few weeks!

Jewelry by Ali Kekewich and Laura Hart from live.beautiful Set Styling by Lynzie Kent from Love By Lynzie Photography (not shown) by Beth Kaye and Ty Bertrand from Beth & Ty In Love Wedding dress from Pearl Bridal House, by Hayley Paige Modeling by (the stunning!) Jacklyn Barber Macarons by Nadia And Co. 

do you like lemonade?

4c38790526804bcc9ffe9c37714860b9Do you like lemonade? It's my all-time favourite summer drink (if not anytime drink!). There are also some really easy ways to make super fancy lemonade that taste great; here are some of my favourite combos. Watermelon Lemonade: You can blend up a full watermelon to make watermelon juice and add it to lemonade for a little punch! Yum!

Lemonade Iced Tea: It's good with green tea, it's good with black tea. It might be good with chamomile if that's your thing (I don't like chamomile tea!). Mix half and half and enjoy!

Mint Lemonade: Add some mint tea for a refreshing spin, and it looks really pretty. Great for summer parties.

Beer-monade: A cottage-dock home run, beer mixes great with lemonade. Wheat beers are really great with it, but lagers work too.

What is your favourite summer drink?


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